Seychelles signs 6 agreements with Sri Lanka

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Seychelles and Sri Lanka signed an agreement for the establishment of a Joint Commission on cooperation before Presidents Mahinda Rajapaksa and James Michel at the State House in Victoria.

The Joint Commission will guide the entire bilateral cooperation mechanism including identifying areas of bilateral cooperation, arriving at agreements, implementation, identifying issues and finding solutions.

Also, the Presidents of the Seychelles and Sri Lanka witnessed the signing of 5 more agreements between the two jurisdictions.

They included the following: Agreement on Bilateral Political Consultation, Agreement on Cooperation on Tourism, Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Technical and Investment Cooperation in Power Sector Development in General and the Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects in Seychelles, Agreement on Cultural Cooperation and Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Sports.

External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris and Seychelles Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports Minister Vincent Meriton signed the agreements on behalf of their countries.


Seychelles’ Government denies pirate claims

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The government of Seychelles has denied claims published in a British newspaper that the jurisdiction has become popular with pirates and has reached a deal with them on their activities.

These claims were made in an article published in The Independent. This article was related to the disappearance of a yacht with 2 British sailors on board after it left Seychelles on October 22.

The President’s Office said in a press release that Seychelles has 1.4 million sq. km of ocean as part of its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and 115 islands, and there is no evidence that the jurisdiction’s islands are being used by pirates as suggested by the newspaper.

Also, the government of Seychelles has denied making any “deals with the pirates which would allow them to operate as long as they do not affect the interests of Seychelles,” as alleged in the article.

It was added in the press release.


Pan-African festival to enrich Seychelles

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In July, 37 people from Seychelles took part in the 2nd Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algeria. Recently, they have met to review what their enriching experience. The group of 37 people included musicians, painters and choreographers.

The meeting was held at the International Conference Centre on August 14. It was attended by Minister for Community Development, Youth Sports and Culture Vincent Meriton and principal secretary for Youth, Sports and Culture Denis Rose.

Minister Meriton said that the festival held after a gap of 40 years was one of the biggest cultural activities on the continent. According to him, the festival is a platform to expose local artists as well as encourage people from the continent to buy Seychellois products and use Seychellois services.


Unesco Conference for SIDS concluded. Seychelles to exploit culture’s economic wealth

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A conference organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) concluded on April 13, 2007.

At the 3-day seminar, delegates and speakers from SIDS said that the Seychelles should further work on deriving the economic benefits from its rich culture. They provided the example of Jamaica, which succeeds to earn millions by “spreading the positive aspects of their Rastafarian culture through reggae music”. According to them, Jamaica also exports T-shirts with positive messages, while, for instance, Haiti makes a fortune selling paintings based on their ancient voodoo culture, etc. The delegates suggested that Seychellois culture needs more recognition.

Raymonde Onezime, the director general for Cultural Institutions and Policy Planning in the Ministry of The Arts, Culture and Sports, agreed with the delegates. She said that culture lacks vast recognition as a key player in economic development.

Onezime said that health, education, sports and environment have always been the priorities for the Seychelles, however, culture must not be neglected and it must be recognized as is an essential aspect of industrial and national economy. She agreed that Seychellois culture is a strong asset that is to be explored and exploited and thanked Unesco for recognizing its potential.

The seminar was attended by delegates 18 countries. Besides Seychelles, it was visited by Australia, the UK, Norway, France, Reunion, Trinidad and Tobago, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, Fiji, Comoros, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Mauritius, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Tanzania.