New Legislation in Seychelles to improve transparency, speed for overseas healthcare

Posted in Business and Economy, Seychelles legislation at 5:22 pm by Robert Klien

Legislation to fast-track decisions on who is eligible for government-funded treatment in other countries is now in force after the President of Seychelles, Danny Faure, signed the Overseas Treatment Act.

According to the Minister of Health, Jean-Paul Adam, the new legislation highlights the way in which any citizen of Seychelles can have access to overseas treatment. The new rules outline the procedures which the specialists within the Seychelles hospital can refer somebody for overseas treatment. Also, itĀ represents the rights of the citizenĀ as regards accessing that treatment.

Adam added that although more and more specialised treatment is being done locally there remains certain procedures by specialists that are not available in Seychelles. It is for that reason that the Ministry of Health is continuing to support a programme of sending patients overseas when necessary.

The government of Seychelles is currently sending over 200 patients per year for specialised overseas treatment not provided in the jurisdiction.

With the aim of making the procedures more transparent, a bill proposed by the Ministry of Health was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in March and approved by the National Assembly last month.


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