New tax measures announced in budget address

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The Seychelles Minister for Finance, Trade and Economic Planning Peter Larose, delivering his budget address before the National Assembly on December 9.

A new tax on property owned by non-Seychellois citizens will be introduced in July 2017, said the Seychelles’ Minister of Finance in his presentation of the budget allocation 2017 to the members of the National Assembly.

Peter Larose is proposing a budget allocation amounting to around $584 million.

The new tax “will include foreigners with a Seychellois passport. Stamp Duty will be charged per square metre,” Larose said.

Also, he announced other new tax measures in his budget address including excise tax on fuel, excise tax on alcohol and tobacco products and progressive tax.

Larose said that for the excise tax on fuel, “An additional 50 cents per litre will be placed on fuel-based products. The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC), the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPC) and Air Seychelles will not pay the additional cost.”

As regards excise tax on alcohol, an increase of 10% will be applicable on all drinks with an alcohol content of less than 16% in 2017. This will apply for both locally produced and imported alcoholic beverages.

In line with this revision, a 10% increase will also be placed on importation and production of tobacco products in 2017.

As for the Progressive Tax, the third and final stage will be implemented as of July 1, 2017, instead of January as was announced previously. This will be the Progressive Tax applicable on emoluments more than $648. A 15% rate will be applicable on earnings between $648 and $758 while a 20% tax will be applicable on earnings between $758 and $6,320. Workers with salaries above $6,320 will have to pay 30% on earnings above that threshold.

Larose also announced an additional cost for the services used by foreign visitors disembarking at the Seychelles International airport – as of July 2017, the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) will put an additional $10 for services related to incoming foreign passengers.

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