Credit Card Scams in Seychelles

Posted in Financial Services, Seychelles banking at 2:17 pm by Robert Klien

Since August 2015, the police were alerted to 3 incidents involving attempts of fraud of credit cards by card skimming devices in Seychelles.

In these 3 different incidents, the Seychelles Police arrested some people suspected to be involved in these fraudulent activities.

The first incident involved 3 Bulgarians. More than 800 credit cards had to be replaced after it was discovered that there were attempted thefts of information on these credit cards. In the hotel rooms of the Bulgarians, the Seychelles police discovered evidences related with the attempted fraud on the credit cards.

In another case, 2 Russians were arrested in early September in possession of 70 credit cards. They will be formally charged with attempted fraud. The police arrested them at the Seychelles International Airport situated on Mahé, on September 1. At the arrest, 70 empty credit cards as well as devices for copying information on credit cards were discovered in their luggage.

The third case involved 2 Americans arrested last week in possession of what police suspect to be counterfeit credit cards. The investigation is still ongoing, however they too will formally be charged for fraud attempts soon.

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