Seychelles and India to cooperate in maritime security and anti-piracy

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During his visit to Seychelles, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun discussions with Seychelles President James Michel for both countries to engage in maritime security, with a focus on greater cooperation with respect to anti-piracy measures.

Indian Ministry of External affairs official spokesperson said: “Prime Minister Modi begins his visit to the Indian Ocean island nations with discussions with the President of Seychelles. A substantive element of their discussions is ‘Blue Economy’. India and Seychelles are also working on maritime security, better cooperation in anti-piracy measures and are engaged in working towards renewable energy”. He added that India has a strong and historical connection with Seychelles and other Indian Ocean islands nations, and, in recent times, new elements have been added to these connections. He emphasized that the maritime neighbours need to meet, interact and cooperate.

Indian-Seychellois relations have been characterized by close cooperation and understanding. For example, an Indian naval ship, the INS Tarasa, was gifted to Seychelles in 2014 to augment surveillance and patrolling capacity of Seychelles waters. Several Indian ships have since made port calls in Victoria.

In 2009, on the request of Seychelles, India dispatched naval ships to patrol its exclusive economic zone and guard it against piracy. India has also helped Seychelles’ armed forces in capacity building.

During the Indian presidential visit to Seychelles in 2012, India announced USDS 50 million as Line of Credit and USD 25 million as grant to the Government of Seychelles. Indian assistance has also flowed since the 1980’s under ITEC programme in civilian defense and other fields.

It is worth remembering that indians are about 1/10 of Seychelles’ 91,000 population.

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