Seychelles inflation slips to 1.1% in year to June

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According to the official data, Seychelles inflation rate dropped to 1.1% in the year to June from 1.4% in the year to May.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced that, on a month-on-month basis, consumer prices on the Indian Ocean archipelago rose 0.2% in June.


Black Diamond Oil Seychelles opens corporation in UK

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Black Diamond Oil Seychelles opened corporation in the United Kingdom with refinery launch into Middle East.

Black Diamond’s lead investors are excited about the returns from refining crude oil to motor fuel which brings in huge upside profits. Rezhwan’s strategic location with a long-term supply of crude oil gives them 100% security in their rapidly growing partnership. Moreover Erbil Kurdistan and its refining projects represents huge investment opportunities for BDDEC partners.

Black Diamond Oil Co. strategy is to cash flow internationally oil and refinery projects thus delivering giant revenue for their partners, Black Diamond Development and Exploration Co ltd. Seychelles, who fund these companies, will follow a more conservative approach as there investors require a more dependable income stream preferably with the potential for growth.


Seychelles signs 6 agreements with Sri Lanka

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Seychelles and Sri Lanka signed an agreement for the establishment of a Joint Commission on cooperation before Presidents Mahinda Rajapaksa and James Michel at the State House in Victoria.

The Joint Commission will guide the entire bilateral cooperation mechanism including identifying areas of bilateral cooperation, arriving at agreements, implementation, identifying issues and finding solutions.

Also, the Presidents of the Seychelles and Sri Lanka witnessed the signing of 5 more agreements between the two jurisdictions.

They included the following: Agreement on Bilateral Political Consultation, Agreement on Cooperation on Tourism, Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Technical and Investment Cooperation in Power Sector Development in General and the Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects in Seychelles, Agreement on Cultural Cooperation and Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Sports.

External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris and Seychelles Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports Minister Vincent Meriton signed the agreements on behalf of their countries.