Seychelles enhances cooperation with Mauritius

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Four memoranda of understanding (MoUs) were signed between the Seychelles and Mauritius to promote trade and investment. The documents were signed on April 24 and April 25, 2014 during the first Seychelles-Mauritius business forum, at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles.

The forum and the trade fair were attended by more than 50 local companies, including merchants, importers and corporate service providers, in order to discuss business possibilities with more than 100 of their Mauritian counterparts.

The forum was organized by the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) in collaboration with the Board of Investment of Mauritius. It was officially opened by the Seychelles’ Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment, Pierre Laporte, in the presence of the Mauritian Minister for Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Cader Sayed Hossen.

According to Laporte, the government of the Seychelles is taking steps to make the country a more attractive destination to do business and to encourage foreign direct investment. He urged both countries’ business representatives to use the forum for exploring various areas for further economic cooperation.

Hossen said that: “The forum will provide a platform for strengthening collaboration. The forum is an excellent vehicle to further consolidate and strengthen our commercial and economic ties elevating them to new heights. We have a similar business climate and we offer excellent opportunities for investment in a wide range of activities.”

The MoUs were signed between the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency and Enterprise Mauritius; the Seychelles Trading Company and the State Trading Corporation of Mauritius (STC); the Seychelles Petroleum Company and the STC; and the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Seychelles News Agency Launched Online

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The Seychelles News Agency has launched online.

It offers daily news and features focusing on the Seychelles’ business, diplomacy, oil exploration, tourism and environment.

The agency text is free to be published or redistributed in any medium as long as agency and author are credited.

This project is funded by the Department of Information of the Government of Seychelles. The Seychelles News Agency is the brainchild of Maxim Behar, owner of M3 Communications Group, Inc. He presented the idea to Seychelles President James Michel, and offered to make the concept and software development a donation to the government of the Seychelles.


Inflation edges lower in year to March in Seychelles

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Seychelles inflation rate eased to 2.2% in the year to March from 2.3 % a month earlier, according to official data released on April 7.

On a month-on-month basis, consumer prices on the Indian Ocean archipelago increased 0.5% during March.