Seychelles and Guernsey sign DTA

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A double taxation agreement (DTA) was signed between Seychelles and Guernsey on January 27, 2014. The document between the territories was signed in London by the High Commissioner for the Seychelles, Marie-Pierre Lloyd, and Guernsey’s Minister for Treasury and Resources, Gavin St Pier.

According to the Government of the Seychelles, the DTA would encourage nationals of both jurisdictions to increase bilateral trade and investment as well as provide for certainty with regards to taxes payable on income generated from investments made between Seychelles and Guernsey.

The double taxation agreement sets out permanent establishment rules that apply to income tax in Guernsey, and business tax, income and non-monetary benefits tax, and petroleum income tax in the Seychelles. Also, this document provides for a zero withholding tax rate for dividends and interest, and for a maximum five percent withholding tax to be imposed on royalties.

The DTA enables the tax authorities of both jurisdictions to exchange taxpayer information, even if a tax authority does not require the information itself, and even if the information is held by a bank or other financial institution.


Seychelles’ consuls meet in London

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Last week, the Seychelles high commission in London arranged the 1st meeting with Seychelles consuls falling under its jurisdiction.

The meeting was aimed at collaboration as regards helping Seychelles achieve its targets and vision as a nation. It provided an opportunity for the consuls to share experiences as well as add constructive input for the bi-annual consuls’ conferences.

Seychelles’ high commissioner in London, Marie Pierre Lloyd, opened this meeting. She thanked the consuls on behalf of President James Michel and Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam for coming to London for this first meeting. Lloyd urged the consuls to continue putting to maximum use their expertise, skills resources, and network of contacts at the service of Seychelles.

The recommendations and conclusions derived from discussions will be shared at the consuls meeting to be held in Seychelles in April 2014.


Seychelles and Moldova sign visa waiver

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The Republic of Moldova issued a visa waiver programme for citizens of the Republic of Seychelles. This is effective from January 3, 2014.

As a result, Seychelles citizens have been exempt of visa requirements when entering the Republic of Moldova for a period of up to 90 days during 6 months.


Seychelles hosts key counter-terrorist meeting

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To discuss counter-terrorism strategies, directors of Criminal Investigation Departments (CID) from the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCCO) met in Seychelles.

A 3-day workshop is being held at the Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecutions and Intelligence Coordination Centre (Rappicc).

The event was opened on February 17 by EAPCCO chairman and local Police Commissioner Ernest Quatre.

Main topics being covered during the 3 days are maritime piracy, crime scene management and related training needs.

The workshop is being organised with the collaboration of Interpol and the government of Seychelles. Also, it was financially supported by the USA, Canada, Norway and Australia. It is being led by two experts from the South African-based Institute for Security Studies (ISS), senior researcher Anneli Botha and senior training coordinator Willem Meintjes.

The conference is attended by delegates from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Eritrea, Burundi, South Sudan and Uganda.