EU ambassador to Seychelles ends mandate

Posted in International relations, Seychelles government at 2:43 pm by Robert Klien

On June 19, the European Union ambassador to Seychelles, Alessandro Mariani, paid a farewell call on President James Michel and Vice-President Danny Faure at State House following a 4-year tenure.

President James Michel thanked ambassador Mariani for the support and effort he has personally given during his mandate, especially in the fight against piracy, climate change as well as the support extended by various EU-funded programmes within the Indian Ocean Commission, as well as in Seychelles.

Mariani stated that Seychelles and the European Union had worked closely in the area of maritime security and piracy, eliminating trade barriers, mitigating climate change, as well as improving prospects for trade through an Interim Economic Partnership Agreement, which will allow Seychelles to maintain full and free (without tax) access to the European markets. Also, he noted that the introduction of the Schengen visa waiver has allowed Seychellois to travel without visa in the EU since May 2009.

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