Belgium involves Seychelles more in Anti-Piracy efforts

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A Seychellois coastguard will soon board Belgian frigate Louise-Marie for a month and learn how Belgian forces deal with piracy and related threats.

This follows an agreement signed on December 21 between the Seychelles and Belgium to allow such military cooperation.

Seychellois chief of defence forces Brigadier Leopold Payet signed the agreement at the Independence House with Belgian Colonel Frederick Derolez in a ceremony attended by top local military and foreign affairs officials.


Son-in-law of Tunisia’s Ben Ali leaves Seychelles

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The son-in-law of Tunisia’s deposed dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has left the Seychelles.

The Foreign Ministry of Seychelles denied statements by Tunisian authorities that he had been arrested there. According to the Foreign Ministry, Sakhr El Materi was just briefly questioned at Seychelles international airport upon his arrival, he was not arrested as reported by some international media.

Materi, who was convicted in absentia of corruption by a Tunisian court, fled to Qatar just before the overthrow of his father-in-law’s regime in last year’s uprising, but the Gulf emirate agreed to expel him in September. Then, it was said that Materi was arrested when he tried to enter the Seychelles with an expired diplomatic passport and that he was interrogated by police on the Indian Ocean archipelago.


Seychelles foresees economic growth of 3% in 2013

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According to Seychelles’ Finance Minister Pierre Laporte, the jurisdiction’s economic growth will reach 3% in 2013 while inflation will slow down. However, it was mentioned that the economy of the Seychelles is still vulnerable to external shocks.

Laporte told the Parliament that inflation, which he said was forecast next year at about 5% versus 7.6% in October, remained the import-dependent country’s biggest economic challenge.

During a 2013 budget debate, he said that the jurisdiction should remain cautious of the downside risks to the forecasts since it remains vulnerable to external developments. He also said that higher tax income would increase total government revenue in 2013 by 3% to 6.3 billion rupees compared with a revised forecast for this year. Spending would also be up 3% to 5.4 billion rupees – or 36% of GDP.