SCCI offers more support for tourism industry

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A delegation from the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has called on Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange, and assured him of their continued support for the tourism industry.

The delegation was led by SCCI chairman Dr V. Ramadoss who was accompanied by Germaine Michaud, the chamber’s secretary general and Wendy Didon, an SCCI councilor.

Dr Ramadoss said: “We wanted to assure the minister of the SCCI’s continued and heightened support for this key industry which remains a key pillar of the country’s economy”.

According to Mr St Ange, the meeting was “reassuring to know that the chairman of the SCCI is standing firmly behind the Ministry of Tourism and Culture”. He said: “Seychelles needs to move forward to consolidate the industry that remains the pillar of its economy. Many will require a mindset change to adapt that tourism is not a bureaucracy with red tapes, but one that needs practicality and adaptability as it hears the views of the trade at large”.


CBS deputy governors appointed

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President James Michel has appointed Christophe Edmond as First Deputy Governor and Jenifer Sullivan as the Second Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS).

Both appointments are for 6 years and took effect on March 14, 2012.

CBS’ First Deputy Governor Christophe Edmond has been in the post of Second Deputy Governor since January 1, 2012, and has worked with the Central Bank for the past 9 years. CBS’ Second Deputy Governor Jenifer Sullivan has worked with the Bank for 9 years and has been the head of Financial Services Supervision since early 2009. CBS’ Governor Caroline Abel was formerly the First Deputy Governor.


Seychelles inflation steady at 5.8% in March

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According to official data, consumer prices in Seychelles rose 0.2% in March 2012 from the previous month leaving the year-on-year inflation rate unchanged at 5.8%.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said that fish prices fell from a month earlier, while other food costs rose 0.1% and non-food items climbed 0.2%, boosted by a 1% rise for clothing and a 0.6% rise for transport.

The year-on-year inflation rate in Seychelles surged as high as 63.3% after the jurisdiction removed currency controls as part of an IMF rescue package in 2008.

The rate has been relatively subdued since October 2009 when it stood at 25.6%. It should be noted that the March data ended a string of 6 rises in a row for the headline rate.