Seychelles and Mauritius to jointly manage Indian Ocean shelf

Posted in International relations at 3:49 pm by Robert Klien

On March 6, 2012, Seychelles and Mauritius signed an agreement to jointly manage a continental shelf in the Indian Ocean spanning 396 000 square km in what was described as a pathbreaking accord.

The pact came after the 2 jurisdictions obtained conjoint rights on the Mascarene Islands continental shelf in March 2011.

The above-mentioned treaty was signed during a visit by Seychelles President James Michel.

Joshua Brien, a Commonwealth official specialising in maritime frontiers, commented: “It’s a world first in that it’s the first time that two island nations have reached an agreement on managing the continental shelf without calling a referee”.

The agreement outlines the exploration and management of the seabed to pool out petrol and gas reserves and mineral deposits as well as living organisms.

A second treaty that was signed by the two parties regarded the management of marine resources.

Both documents were signed by Mauritius Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam in the presence of Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General Ransford Smith.

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