Seychelles’ Ambassador Nourrice accredited to Mozambique

Posted in Diplomatic missions, International relations at 4:46 pm by Robert Klien

Joseph Nourrice has been accredited as Seychelles’ high commissioner to Mozambique. On November 16, he presented his credentials to Mozambican President Armando Guebuza. Mr Nourrice is also Seychelles’ resident high commissioner in South Africa.

Mr Nourrice is Seychelles’ 2nd high commissioner since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the jurisdiction and Mozambique in 1983.

During his audience with President Guebuza, discussions centred on some of the common interests of the two countries of which piracy was prominently featured.

Mozambique’s President Guebuza expressed satisfaction at the level of relationship between the two countries as well as noted the need to further enhance co-operation at bilateral level in new emerging areas. It was said that with globalization cooperation within the region is becoming more important and, so it should be further developed at both bilateral and multilateral levels.

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