Seychelles establishes new body to advise on economic policies

Posted in Seychelles government, Seychelles legislation at 4:31 pm by Robert Klien

President James Michel has announced that a council which will have the function of advising government on the best economic policy for sustainable national growth and development has been established. The new body is called the National Economic Council. It will hold regularly meetings to discuss matters raised by its members, President James Michel or referred to it by the government of Seychelles.

The new council may commission and analyze data and information that may be required to advise government on suitable economic strategies and to detect whether existing national programmes meet strategic economic objectives.

When announcing the creation of the new body, the President noted that the world economy is becoming increasingly fragile, and therefore it is important to ensure that Seychelles’ national development strategy was founded on a thorough understanding of the economic environment and the dynamics of the emerging forces shaping the future of the global economy. He said: “Continued economic success depends on the cooperation of all stakeholders. Working for the benefit of Seychelles is paramount in every decision-making process. The National Economic Council will serve as a hub for information, debate and advice, in the process of developing sound national economic policy”.

The National Economic Council will be chaired by the President. The Vice-President and Minister responsible for Finance, Danny Faure, will be its vice-chair. The other members of the council will be Minister for Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy, Joel Morgan; Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles, Pierre Laporte; CEO of the Seychelles International Business Authority, Steve Fanny; CEO of the Seychelles Savings Bank, Michael Benstrong; CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Alain St Ange; principal statistician, National Bureau of Statistics, Michel Mellie; and others.

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