SIB to improve business environment

Posted in Business and Economy, Foreign investments at 1:36 pm by Robert Klien

The Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) aimed to stimulate economic development, to expand and escalate growth through effective investment promotion plans acknowledges that the Seychelles business environment should be further enhanced with a view to facilitate processes for businesses to go through during the business cycle.

The Board suggests that the improvement process will require dialogues and participation of both the private and public sectors. It foresees that a complete and effective transformation of the business environment will take a few months of dedicated hard work and cohesive approach. SIB is convinced that support structures should be put in place to ensure that the process not only makes it easy for the business community but will also allow government institutions to continuously monitor the business processes as well as maintain records on business development.

The above-mentioned commitment was reinforced during the Seychelles Investment forum held on July 20-21, 2011.

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