Seychelles to go on with economic reforms

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Seychelles’ President James Michel has been successful in his bid for a 2nd full term after beating 3 opposition candidates. Michel is expected to continue the economic reforms that have been started over recent years. These will include floating the Seychelles rupee against major currencies and continuing an overhaul of the tax system.

Despite the fact that Michel’s main rival, Wavel Ramkalawan, an Anglican priest, accused the President of corruption, it was reported that voting was peaceful and orderly. The majority of the 70 000 registered voters participated in the elections on the 3 main islands, while those who live on more than 100 other islands cast their vote over a period of days prior to the final day of polling.

In his address to the nation immediately following the results, Michel vowed to press on with reforms in order to improve the offshore jurisdiction’s economy.


Seychelles’ opinion is respected abroad

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When welcoming the Seychelles’ overseas-based ambassadors at State House on May 17, President Michel heard that Seychelles is well-respected abroad and that other countries listen when this jurisdiction offers guidance or ideas towards global efforts.

The overseas based ambassadors present at the meeting yesterday were Claude Morel (France), Ronny Jumeau (USA), Dick Esparon (India), Vivianne Fock Tave (Belgium), Joseph Nourrice (South Africa). Also, 2 ambassadors based in Seychelles – Maurice Loustau-Lalanne and Marie-Pierre Lloyd – where present. Patrick Pillay (England) and Philippe Le Gall (China) were the ambassadors who could not attend the meeting.

Claude Morel, the longest-serving ambassador, said: “Our contribution at bilateral, multilateral and also at non-governmental organisations’ levels is appreciated”.

During the annual meeting, the ambassadors informed Michel on the efforts being made by them and progress they have achieved.

Foreign Affairs Minister Jean Paul Adam said as Head of State, President Michel leads all diplomatic efforts so the ambassadors meet him and share ideas on what strategies to adopt. According to him, the meeting focused on piracy, small island states’ issues and climate change.


Seychelles to elect President

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From May 19 to 21, all Seychellois aged at least 18 years who qualify as voters will have to vote to elect a President of Seychelles for the next 5 years.

The voters will make a choice between 4 candidates:
– Seychelles National Party (SNP) leader Wavel Ramkalawan,
– independent candidate Philippe Boullé,
– New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Ralph Volcère,
– incumbent President James Michel of the Parti Lepep.