Seychelles’ anti-piracy measures

Posted in International relations at 11:54 am by Robert Klien

India has sent a Dornier 228 maritime reconnaissance aircraft to Seychelles with a view to help to deal with Somali pirates.

This aircraft will be available in Seychelles for at least 2 years. In 2010, India offered to give Seychelles a Dornier 228 and 2 Chetak helicopters for anti-piracy duty, but Seychelles preferred India to simply operate this equipment on their territory until piracy threat is gone. A naval patrol boat and one Chetak helicopter have already been sent to Seychelles for anti-piracy patrol.

A court in Seychelles sentenced 10 convicted Somali pirates to 20 years in prison. This group of 10 pirates seized a 33-foot fishing vessel with 7 Seychellois crew members in November 2010. One pirate was killed in the rescue mission.

Seychelles’ Minister for Home Affairs, Environment and Transport Joel Morgan said: “The sentences will send a strong message to other pirates on the high seas that we have the capacity to capture, prosecute and jail criminals at sea who threaten our key fisheries and tourism industries”.

It is worth noting that Seychelles is one of several countries in the region conducting trials or intending to try pirates, while Somalia lacks the legal infrastructure.

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