WTO delegation visits Seychelles

Posted in International Organisations, International relations, Seychelles government at 10:54 am by Robert Klien

On July 5, a delegation from the World Trade Organisation (WTO) met Vice-President and Minister for Finance and Trade Danny Faure and other high government officials.

On July 6, the WTO delegation held talks with Seychelles’ President James Michel at State House.

On July 7, the delegation met assembly speaker Dr Patrick Herminie and members of its international affairs committee.

The WTO delegation was headed by Hilda Al-Hinai, the chairperson of Seychelles’ WTO accession working party and Oman’s deputy ambassador at the world trade body. She came to have discussions with various stakeholders. The delegation was accompanied by Seychelles’ ambassador to the European Union Vivianne Fock-Tave and our chief negotiator for the WTO accession, Charles Morin.

Ms Al-Hinai said that the talks have shown a very high level of commitment from the government of Seychelles towards its accession to the WTO, and she believes that this will move things forward.

It is worth mentioning that the jurisdiction restarted the process of joining the WTO in 2008.

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