New body for Seychelles’ professionals launched

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On April 23, the Equator Institute was officially launched. This is a new body regrouping Seychellois professionals.

Around 600 young professionals from Mahe, Praslin and La Digue attended the event held at the International Conference Centre.

It is worth noting that this follows the national conference held by the Parti Lepep recently where it was recommended that young professionals have a voice. According to the party, the Equator Institute will act as an independent body and advisor to the Parti Lepep and the government on national and international issues. Also, it will be the forum for constructive dialogue among professionals and the promotion of professional development in Seychelles.


Seychelles Bankers’ Association warn of credit card fraud

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A number of incidents have taken place where the owners of bank cards have lost their money after requesting its transfer over the phone. That is why the Seychelles Bankers’ Association warned customers to be careful regarding this.

Mohinder Singh Phogat, The chairman of the Seychelles Bankers’ Association, said that there are types of cards the owners of which can ask through e-mail or telephone for transferring money but, in the absence of the card, they give their card and pin numbers over the phone.

There have been cases when fraudsters have stolen cards and requested such transactions in order to contact recipients of the money asking them to transfer the money elsewhere. In this process the money gets lost. Phogat said that experienced operators like major hotels are familiar with the checks necessary to avoid such fraud while smaller establishments are sometimes likely to become victims of the fraud.

The Seychelles Bankers’ Association is urging bank customers to adhere to guidelines that are given by the banks with a view to avoid being defrauded in scams.


Prices of basic foods reviewed by STC

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On April 19, 2010, the Seychelles Trading Company has reviewed its prices of basic foods. The company cut them on 2 items and pegged them on most others despite global increases.

The STC has cut the prices of Pakistani basmati rice and lentils and raised the prices of milk powder in tins and apples. The prices of the rest of the basic products have been kept the same. These prices are guaranteed by the STC for the next 3 months.

The company’s spokesman said that “Despite the volatile world market and changes in its cost factors, STC‘s mission remains unchanged and supports efforts to anchor household expenses on basic foods”.


Seychelles to conduct Population and Housing Census in August

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From August 26 to August 30, 2010, a national population and housing census will be conducted in Seychelles with a view to provide vital demographic, economic and social statistics for public and private planning as well as to implement development programmes.

This will be the 6th census carried out in the country since its independence. The last one was conducted 8 years ago – in August 2002.

It is worth noting that the international recommendation for the periodicity of census is 10 years.  However, some countries may find it necessary to change this interval because of rapid changes or other circumstances.

The upcoming census will be the largest national statistical task conducted in the jurisdiction. It will collect a wide variety of information on population and households.

Statistics that the census will compile is to serve as a significant input for planning policy and developing programmes by the public sector agencies for the population and the community.

As to the procedures, census officials will travel door-to-door over the 5 days to collect the required information through a questionnaire related to the demographic profile, economic status, education, employment, health, housing, communications and agriculture. Principal statistician at the National Statistics Bureau (NSB) and Census Commissioner Helena Confiance has confirmed that preparation is underway.


Seychelles needs help in fighting against piracy

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On April 16, a high-level meeting on piracy was held in Seychelles. Among the issues discussed at the event was the necessity of stronger support for the country in the international fight against piracy.

At the event, the chairman of the high-level committee on piracy, Joël Morgan, met with the chairman of the working group II of contact group on piracy off the coast of Somalia, ambassador Thomas Winkler, and representative of the UNODC. Also, the meeting was attended by British high commissioner Mathew Forbes and French ambassador Philippe Delacroix.

Much attention was paid to discussing the positioning in the jurisdiction of people to support the criminal justice system in order to coordinate the material, human resources and financial support mechanisms that the country is to benefit from within the context of its anti-piracy activities. Also, the minister was talking about the upcoming working group II meeting in Copenhagen (Denmark) where legal issues of transfer arrangements of convicted pirates back to Somalia will be discussed. He said that there is an urgent need for the prisons in Somalia to hold convicted pirates. Also, according to the policy of government, the Somali authorities must take responsibility for the actions of their citizens convicted of piracy.

Ambassador welcomed Seychelles’ new anti-piracy legislation. Also, he expressed the appreciation of the active role the jurisdiction has taken to counter piracy and to bring pirates to justice. Winkler also expressed his support for the Seychelles’ position against piracy internationally.


Barclays Seychelles supports local communities

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Barclays Seychelles has made significant contributions to support local community of the jurisdiction.

On March 26, donations from Barclays Seychelles were received by 3 community groups. The 1st was the family of 13 from Glacis whose home was recently razed to the ground. The 2nd donation was given to the School for the Exceptional Child (physically challenged) at Roche Caiman. Also, a donation from Barclays was received by the Anse Etoile Primary School.

Mr Loganaden Sidambaram, Barclays Seychelles managing director, said: “This initiative is very much in line with our new vision for Barclays Africa: to be the Best Bank in Africa, with a focus on ‘Lives Made Much Easier for our customers, colleagues, company and the communities in which we operate.”