WHO’s USD 1.6 million to boost Seychelles’ health system

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has renewed its support to the Seychelles’ Health Department with funding of over USD 1.6 million. This support is expected to strengthen the health system of the jurisdiction.

The support takes the form of a further 2-year working plan, which was handed to Health and Social Development Minister Marie-Pierre Lloyd by WHO liaison officer Dr Cornelia Atsyor. Mrs Lloyd signed the plan in the presence of social development principal secretary Linda William, Health Services Agency chief executive Daniella Larue and Public Health Commissioner Dr Jude Gedeon. Also, members of the central management team and other health officials were present at the signing at Victoria hospital.

According to the new work plan, the priority areas are communicable and non-communicable disease control, child and adolescent health, sexual reproductive health, and addressing the socio-economic factors affecting health. The plan includes medical products and technologies as well as promotion of healthier lifestyles.


New Ombudsman appointed by Seychellois President

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Seychelles’ President James Michel has recently appointed ombudsman. This post became effective from February 15.

The appointment of Dora Zatte followed the recommendation of the Constitutional Appointments Authority of Seychelles.

Ms Zatte is an attorney-at-law and barrister-at-law who was a notary public as well as legal adviser to the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces. She has an LLB degree in law from the University of East Anglia (UK). Ms Zatte can boast of extensive experience as an attorney, working both in the private sector and in the state counsel – in the Attorney-General’s Office. She has acted as legal adviser to the Seychelles Investment Bureau and has been a member of the boards of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation, the National Emergency Foundation, the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority and the High-Level Committee on Piracy.


Seychelles signs memorandum of understanding for new IT centre with India

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An information technology centre will be set up in Seychelles in 2011 in order to upgrade the skills of technicians. This news followed an agreement that was signed between Seychelles and India.

On February 11, 2010, Education Minister Bernard Shamlaye and Indian high commissioner Asit Kumar Nag signed the memorandum of understanding. The document was signed at the Ministry of Education’s conference room. At the signing, education principal secretary Jeanne Simeon, Seychelles Institute of Technology director Jean Rassool, representatives of the Information Communications Technology Department and other officials from the Ministry of Education were present.

Mr Shamlaye thanked Mr Nag for help in setting up this centre that is much-needed for Seychelles. Mr Nag said that the project is part of India’s ongoing cooperation to develop Seychelles’ human resources.
Mrs Simeon said that this joint venture between Seychelles and India followed President James Michel’s visit to India in August 2005.

The new centre will provide part-time training for technicians. Later, it will also provide training for IT teachers.


Customs to improve business with agents

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At the International Conference Centre held in the end of February, import agents learned more about customs as well as discussed the ways to improve the relationship between the two sides.

This one-day meeting marked International Customs Day that was celebrated under the theme “Building performance through partnership”.

Seychelles’ revenue commissioner Rene Nusse addressed the air and shipping agents as well as other business representatives, expressing his wish to ensure clients are well informed about the Customs Division and its operatations. He noted that, in order to support the economic reforms, customs is reforming its administration with advice from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (http://www.imf.org/external/about.htm). He said, “In the months to come we will try to implement these suggestions by the IMF, but what we are trying to do is to increase self-compliance and make it easier and less expensive to comply with the laws”.

At the forum, agents’ representatives asked questions on many issues related to goods and services tax and concessions. Also, they were briefed about the procedures for gaining concessions, import and export permit procedures, and their own responsibilities when producing a bill of entry.