Seychelles signs fisheries accord with Oman

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On January 27, 2010, Seychelles and Oman signed an agreement to develop aquaculture and other fisheries activities here.

The document was signed by the new Omani ambassador, Sheikh Humaid bin Ali al Ma’ani, and Joel Morgan, Seychelles’ Minister for Environment, Natural Resources and Transport.
By signing the memorandum of understanding, Oman and Seychelles have agreed to support each other in fish processing and fishing techniques as well as to cooperate in training staff.


New National Arts Council board announced

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Minister for Community Development, Youth, Sports and Culture Vincent Meriton has appointed the new board of the National Arts Council (NAC).

According to the National Arts Council of Seychelles Act, Ambassador Noëllie Alexander has been appointed chairperson.

The other members are as follows:
Jacqueline Moustache-Belle (the chief executive),
Peter Pierre-Louis,
Christine Chetty,
Galen Bresson,
Alain St Ange,
Richard d’Offay,
Pierre Harter
Paquerette Pillay.

The new board has been appointed for 2 years. The appointment is effective from December 15, 2009.
The 1st board meeting was held on January 21.


Seychelles appoints Fair Trading Commission against threats to fair trade

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The newly-formed Fair Trading Commission will look out for practices that hinder competition as well as advise on or take action against them. This was announced by the Commission’s chief executive Daniel Gappy on January 20.

According to Gappy, one of the practices is price fixing for which the Fair Trading Commission can fine or jail guilty traders.

On January 15, the commission’s board members met for the 1st time. At the meeting, the commission’s chairman, Dr Shelton Jolicoeur, said that liberalisation of the market economy can “not only bring fierce and vigorous competition but also some amount of anti-competitive practices as firms jostle for economic advantage”.

Gappy said: “When we receive complaints we will investigate them, and the commission will give a ruling based on its findings”. The commission can impose a fine, a jail sentence or both. The traders can appeal agaist its decision to the tribunal and later at the Supreme Court.

The newly-created body will be fully operational in April2010 as the Fair Competition Act will come into force in April.

The Fair Competition Act is aimed to encourage competition in trade and business as well as in the supply of a wide variety of quality goods and services at competitive prices.


Finance Minister says investment in modern technology vital

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On January 7, Finance Minister Danny Faure said that high investment in modern technology and telecommunications is vital because more businesses come to Seychelles’ shores and the demand for new products increases.

The Minister was speaking after a tour of the Cable & Wireless (C&W) headquarters and telecommunication facilities on Francis Rachel Street, Victoria.

The Minister’s visit was aimed to explain the current tax reforms. Also, this visit was a chance for Mr Faure and officials from the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Information Communications Technology to see themselves the work of the company.

It should be noted that the visit coincided with the tax reform talks held with the Cable & Wireless management. Mr Faure was impressed by the level of development and investment, especially in modern equipment, that the company has made. He said that the company has prepared itself for any future development.


Seychelles introduces new service to speed licence procedure

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On January 8, 2010, a new service started to makes it easier to apply for and get various kinds of licences in Seychelles.

This advice service is offered by the Seychelles Licensing Authority to businesses and individuals as part of the Authority’s new “one-stop shop” at the revenue commission’s office, Oceangate House.

Also, now the licensing authority staff at Oceangate House will accept payment for the following licences: local fishing vessels;
fishing nets;
coin-operated machines;
hirer of goods;
advertising agent;
commission agent;
motor mechanic;
repairer of electrical apparatus.

The new service is aimed at cutting the licence procedure to a minimum. Staff of the Seychelles Licensing Authority will accept applications for new licences or renewal of existing ones.