Seychelles takes measures to enforce minimum wage

Posted in Seychelles government, Seychelles legislation at 12:24 pm by Robert Klien

Legal action is among new measures that can be taken by the Employment Department in order to ensure employers comply with the minimum wage regulation set up in January 2008.

The new measures are necessary now as a rise of R1 an hour in the minimum wage has been announced. The new rate will be R16.50 an hour as from July 2010 – this increase was announced by Minister for Finance Danny Faure during his 2010 Budget Address.

Director General for employment Jules Baker said that despite the regulation, there are still complaints being received from workers who are not being paid properly. If found guilty, employers will be fined from R1,000 up to R10,000 depending on the offence. Those who go on refusing to comply with the regulation will pay an extra fine of R200 a day.

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