China grants USD 6 million for new Supreme Court building in Seychelles

Posted in International relations, Seychelles government at 12:03 pm by Robert Klien

On November 25, Chinese ambassador Wang Weiguo and Seychellois Finance Minister Danny Faure signed an agreement for the equivalent of a USD 6 million grant.

This money will be used for financing a new Supreme Court building at Ile du Port that will be called the Palais de Justice.

The signing ceremony took place at Liberty House. Among thos who attended the ceremony were Justice Duraikannu Karunakaran – standing in for Chief Justice Frederick Egonda-Ntende – Supreme Court master and registrar Melchior Vidot, technical adviser in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jeanette D’Offay, director general in the ministry Conrad Mederic as well as top officials from the Embassy of Chinese.

The new building will be started in April. Its completion is to take 18 months. It will house 8 Supreme Court rooms and an extra one for the Court of Appeal, but not the Magistrates’ Courts, for which other arrangements will be made.

Faure expressed his gratitude to the government and people of China and noted that they have so far contributed to the education, health and housing sectors. Also, he said that the Chinese government is funding the new National Assembly building.

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