President Michel on working visit in Lebanon

Posted in Business and Economy, International relations at 12:47 pm by Robert Klien

On November 18, President James Michel held bilateral talks with the Lebanese President, General Michel Sleiman.

During this working visit to Beirut. the President aimed at strengthening cooperation and bilateral relations with Lebanon. Also, he intended to exchange ideas on economic development and investment opportunities.

Michel said that Seychelles and Lebanon have much in common in the way they manage economies, environment and tourism marketing. Both jurisdictions have strong tourism industries, and exchanging knowledge and information in this field could be useful for both countries.

The presidents discussed the piracy in the western Indian Ocean and touched upon the issue of the way the global economic crisis influences the tourism industries of both countries.

Michel spoke of the Seychelles’ success in its economic reform programme as well as stressed its achievements in environmental sustainability.

According to General Sleiman, following a slowdown in Lebanon’s economy, it is starting to experience growth in many fields.

The presidents exchanged opinions on this week’s Lebanon 2020 National Summit where Michel was to be a keynote address.

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