Seychelles’ Central Bank to discuss reforms

Posted in Business and Economy, Seychelles banking at 12:03 pm by Robert Klien

On November 3, the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) will host a special event in its series of anniversary lectures at the International Conference Centre.

This year’s lecture is titled “Seychelles’ economic reforms, one year on – what the future holds”.

The event will be a round-table discussion of the reform programme started in November 2008. At the event, the results that have been achieved so far will be outlined. Also, the challenges that have arisen and the outlook for future reforms that will come will be discussed. After the discussion, the participants may ask questions to the speakers.

The panel of the speakers will include:

•    Moderator Peter Sinon,
•    principal secretary for finance Ahmed Afif,
•    CBS governor  Pierre Laporte,
•    Seychelles Bankers’ Association Jocelyn Ah Yu,
•    Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dr V. Ramados,
•    Lungos (civil society) the Rev Christine Benoit,
•    Seychelles Polytechnic Sheera Philoe,
•    manufacturing sector  Aubrey Lucas,
•    fishing sector Beatty Hoareau,
•    small business Santasha Hoareau.

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