Seychelles’ Government denies pirate claims

Posted in International relations, Seychelles Culture at 8:36 pm by Robert Klien

The government of Seychelles has denied claims published in a British newspaper that the jurisdiction has become popular with pirates and has reached a deal with them on their activities.

These claims were made in an article published in The Independent. This article was related to the disappearance of a yacht with 2 British sailors on board after it left Seychelles on October 22.

The President’s Office said in a press release that Seychelles has 1.4 million sq. km of ocean as part of its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and 115 islands, and there is no evidence that the jurisdiction’s islands are being used by pirates as suggested by the newspaper.

Also, the government of Seychelles has denied making any “deals with the pirates which would allow them to operate as long as they do not affect the interests of Seychelles,” as alleged in the article.

It was added in the press release.

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