EU to move its anti-piracy operations to the Seychelles region

Posted in Business and Economy, International relations, Seychelles government at 11:55 am by Robert Klien

It has recently been discussed that 3 Somali pirates were arrested in the Indian Ocean off the Seychelles.
It has recently been announced that the European Union is going to move its anti-piracy operations further south to the Seychelles region.

Also, the EU is to keep up its presence in the Indian Ocean for as long as needed – as long as pirate activity is present in the region. During recent talks held in Brussels between Environment, Natural Resources and Transport Minister Joel Morgan and Javier Solana, the EU’s high representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the above-mentioned intention of the EU was announced.

It is worth noting that Morgan attended the 1st meeting of fisheries ministers of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries and during that stressed the serious threat posed by acts of piracy to the economy of Seychelles. The meeting with Mr Solana in the presence of Seychelles’ ambassador to the EU Barry Faure and principal secretary for natural resources and transport Veronique Herminie, was held on June 4.

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