Three Somali Pirates arrested in Seychelles

Posted in International relations at 7:24 am by Robert Klien

Yesterday it was reported that a Seychelles coast guard boat arrested 3 suspected pirates. The suspects were grabbed in the Indian Ocean off the Seychelles.

According to a French defense ministry spokesman Christophe Prazuck, the 3 suspected pirates had previously been detained and interrogated by sailors on the French warship Nivose that in April delivered 11 suspected pirates to Kenya. Prazuck said that the pirates were on a 10-meter fishing boat loaded with 13 barrels of fuel, water and food. There were no weapons on the vessel. Larger vessels are often used by pirates as resupply ships.

Currently, Somali pirates are holding 17 ships and around 300 crew, including the Greek-owned cargo ship Ariana with a Ukrainian crew, hijacked on May 2.

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