Seychelles gas and petrol prices are lowest since 1990

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According to the announcement made by the Seychelles Petroleum Company on January 19, petrol and cooking gas prices have decreased to the lowest level since 1990.

Deputy chief executive Eddie Belle of the Seychelles Petroleum Company said that “the price of petrol at the pump has gone down from 17.50 rupees in December or USD 1 to R15 which is USD 86, and the price of cooking gas has also dropped from SR17.50 to SR15 per kilo”. According to him, “the devaluation of the rupee recently gives the perception that the prices of petroleum products have increased enormously in recent years but if one compares the prices over the years using the currency that this product is bought in, one finds the prices have actually decreased over the years”.

The Seychelles rupee dived against hard currencies in November when it was floated raising prices of all items to unprecedented levels, but Mr Belle showed a table comparing Seychelles current prices of petrol at the pump with those of many European and African countries saying his country’s rates are among the lowest in the world save for those offered by countries like the US, South Africa, Thailand and Australia.
He also produced the tables below showing old, new and “historical” prices.


Seychelles is carrying out National Census in 2010

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Next year, a national population census will be carried out with  a view to update information from the 2002 census. This was announced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NSB) on January 14, 2009.

In the beginning of January, electoral commissioner Hendrick Gappy being sworn.

Electoral commissioner Hendrick Gappy was the first to mention the need for a census. He said this when he took his oath of office at State House on the reappointment. According to him, one of his goals is to redraw the electoral boundaries, however, fresh population data is needed for do that.

According to the NSB’s principal statistician for census and surveys Helena De Letourdis, the data from the 2002 census is out of date and many things have changed. She said that the NSB is taking part in the 2010 World Programme on Population Census.

All United Nations agencies are interested in correct census data in order to compare the data, assist and develop monitoring and for other uses.


Swearing-in Ceremony

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On January 8, 2009, newly appointed Court of Appeal Judge Anthony Fernando, Attorney General (AG) Ronny Govinden and Puisne Judge Mohan Burhan along with newly reappointed Electoral Commissioner Hendrick Gappy were sworn in before Seychellois President James Michel. The event took place at State House.

The ceremony was attended by Vice-President Joseph Belmont, Designated Minister and Minister for Finance Danny Faure, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie, Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court Melchior Vidot, President of the Court of Appeal Francis MacGregor, Chief Justice Ranjan Perera, the chairman of the Constitutional Appointments Authority Jeremie Bonnelame, the secretary to the Cabinet Mohammed Afif, as well as by other judges and members of the families of the appointees.

Justice MacGregor said that the new judges will make the process of cases faster.