Seychelles makes a move to join WTO

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Seychelles officials that deal with importing and exporting goods met experts from the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with a view to learn more about how this organisation works.

The meeting is aimed at ensuring that Seychelles knows enough about the WTO before it enters into any formal agreement with it and becomes its member.

The workshop was officially launched on December 1, 2008. After opening a week-long workshop at the International Conference Centre, principal secretary for finance Ahmed Afif said that it was a very useful step to get all the partners together in order to assess fully what the impact would be, so that the jurisdiction is well-prepared to become a WTO member.

According to Afif, “in most island states like Seychelles, over 80% of what is consumed is imported directly or indirectly”, so, most of people in Seychelles have been involved in foreign trade. He also noted that the government tried to ease trade by removing the import monopoly, reducing tariffs on most goods, and doing away with import permits on over 90% of goods.

Also, Afif thanked the trainers from the WTO for coming to help Seychelles’ representatives.


Seychelles Special Employment Bureau works until March

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To help people who leave the public service and may have given up seeking new jobs, the Special Employment Bureau will be working open until March 2009. On November 21, 2008, principal secretary for employment Jean Raguin gave the details on deadline for people who will take part in the Voluntary Departure Scheme (VDS) and need to submit their applications.

The employment bureau was set up after President James Michel announced the VDS in October. It is aimed to make it easier to find work in the private sector for people who leave their jobs in the government.

People can come to the agency to get information on vacancies in the private sector as well as on training possibilities and accessing the credit scheme for starting a business.

According to Mr Raguin, until now more than 500 people have requested extra information at the bureau. The Employment Department is satisfied with the number of people showing interest in careers in the private sector.

These 500 are not necessarily the only ones who have understood how the scheme works because, apart from the bureau, all chief executives were asked to explain it thoroughly to their staff.

Mr Raguin also mentioned that President Michel urged people to seize the opportunity to work harder and to take a second job if possible.