Food prices crisis gets to Seychelles

Posted in Business and Economy at 11:48 am by Robert Klien

The global rise in food prices has become an alarm for consumers in Seychelles. This is what the opposition of Seychelles has claimed. However, the speaker of one of Africa’s richest nations, Patrick Herminie, has rejected an opposition call to organize an emergency session in order to address this problem.

The opposition call was the result of a recent announcement by the Seychellois government that the price of rice, the Seychellois staple meal, will increase. This increase is a result of international food prices trend, however, it comes just after the Seychellois government had devalued its currency, which made price of basic food items too high for the average family.

Finance Minister Danny Faure presented the 2008 Budget that introduced excessive increases in the price of water, electricity and many other necessities.

It should be noted that the opposition has taken the speaker’s rejection as insensitive rejecting of important issues of the country, while the population becomes more vulnerable to price increases.

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