Seychelles President receives credentials from Chinese Ambassador

Posted in Diplomatic missions, International relations at 7:35 pm by Robert Klien

New Ambassador of China to Seychelles Wang Weiguo arrived in Seychelles on May 16, 2008.

On May 20, New Ambassador to Seychelles Wang Weiguo presented his credentials to Seychelles President James Alex Michel in Victoria.

Michel welcomed Wang as new ambassador to Seychelles and expressed his satisfaction with the recent development of relations between Seychelles and China that are based on mutual trust and equality. The President thanked China for the assistance and the efforts made by its leaders to promote economic cooperation between Seychelles and China. He also said he awaits that the mutually beneficial cooperation will be developed in the future.

The New Ambassador recalled the development of bilateral relationship in the past years since diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in June 1976. He also said he would do his best to push the relationship between Seychelles and China towards win-win partnership.

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