Foreign Affairs Ministry publishes Assessment of the State of Good Governance in Seychelles

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Last month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles published in a press release named “Assessment of the State of Good Governance in Seychelles”.

According to the release, a validation workshop for the draft 2007 Report, “Assessing the State of Good Governance in the Republic of Seychelles” was organized on February 18, 2008 at the International Conference Centre, Victoria. The workshop was aimed at public, private and NGO stakeholders to collectively validate the report and after that it would be submitted to the UNECA.

The workshop concluded Phase II of the UNECA Project “Monitoring and Measuring Progress Towards Good Governance in Africa” launched in Seychelles in April 2007. Phase II included an update of the state of governance of the 27 countries (including South Africa, Mauritius, Egypt, etc.) that took part in Phase I.

The release informed the public that the exercise has been carried out by a Mauritian-based consultancy firm StraConsult with the assistance of local professionals. According to the results of an independent survey conducted by StraConsult, in terms of good governance Seychelles is at the very top in Africa.

It was also emphasized in the press release that “Assessing the State of Good Governance in the Republic of Seychelles” will be a background document to the forthcoming UNECA report – the 2007 African Governance Report.

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