Development Bank of Seychelles marks 30th anniversary

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In the middle of February, the Development Bank of Seychelles (DBS), a joint venture between the Government of Seychelles and financial organizations (Agence Française de Development, European Investment Bank, DEG, Nouvobanq) that was created in 1977 and started its operations at the Supreme Court building in February 1978, was celebrating its 30th anniversary with a series of activities.

DBS hosted a 3-day exhibition at its offices along Independence Avenue starting from February 12.

According to Mary de Comarmond, a spokesperson for DBS, the bank hoped to showcase its progress. To do this, it highlighted some of the main projects it has financed.

To mark the anniversary, the Development Bank of Seychelles contributed 2 sponsored articles on some of the bank’s achievements that appeared in the Seychelles Weekend Nation on February 16.

The bank started off by granting 108 loans in 1978. It has grown to the extent that in 2007 alone, it funded more than 270 projects giving priority to viable projects contributing to the improvement of Seychelles’ sustainable economic development.

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