Airtel Seychelles marks 10th year anniversary

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On December 12, 2007, Airtel (Telecom Seychelles Limited) started marking the commencement of its 10th year anniversary since its 1st launch in 1998.

When the company was launched in Seychelles, there were about 2,500 mobile customers there. Airtel made a significant contribution to an increase in the mobile market share. When Airtel entered the market, it reduced the international calling rates by 58% and local call rates by 40%. In as little as one year of operating, the company had registered more than 2,300 customers. The mobile market has experienced a progressive growth, and Airtel can boast of having captured 54% of the mobile market.

It is important that the launch of Airtel services broke the telecommunications monopoly and opened the market to competition.

Airtel was the 1st to introduce the concept of 24-hour customer service in Seychelles. It also was 1st to introduce prepaid cards & vouchers, value added services such as SMS, ringtones, logos, chat and data fax services.

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