Restructuring of the Seychellois government announced by President Michel

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According to a restructuring of the government announced by President James Michel, the number of ministries  was on reduced from 10 to 8.

President Michel said that in his State-of-the-Nation Address on March 20 and on National Day on June 18 he was speaking about the necessity to transform the way things are done in Seychelles.

In his address on June 18, President Michel also announced the restructuring of the government. So, after a long period of reflection, he announced the reorganization. According to him, the following portfolios have taken effect:

Rolph Payet is appointed in the Office of the President as president’s special advisor for Environment. He also became chairman of the newly established Foundation for Seychelles University.

Lucy Athanasius became the principal secretary (PS) for “Special Duties”, which includes a new project “Young Leaders”.

Jean-Paul Adam is the principal secretary in the Office of the President dealing with a new portfolio for the exploration of oil.

Principal secretary Marie-Ange Hoareau continues to deal with Internal Affairs, but in the Office of the Vice-President (VP).

Jessie Esparon is the new Principal secretary for Public Administration.

The Seychelles Tourism Board under the direction of Maurice Loustau-Lalanne will discharge the responsibilities of the Department of Tourism.

Minister Danny Faure retains the portfolio for Finance consisting of 3 departments with Ahmed Afif as the PS for Finance and Commerce, Lekha Nair being responsible for the Treasury Department as the Comptroller General. The budget and government spending will be controlled by the department.

The Tax office will work under Steve Jardin. It is being restructured to be the Revenue Authority to allow government to collect revenue in an efficient and centralized way.

The Minister for Finance will continue to be in charge of the Licensing Authority, Social Security and the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA). Steve Fanny will become chief executive of SIBA.

Patrick Pillay will continue to be the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Callixte d’Offay will be his new PS to replace Claude Morel who will become Ambassador in Paris.

The Ministry of Investment, Industries and Technology replaced by the Ministry of National Development will work under Minister Jacquelin Dugasse, and Veronique Herminie will become the PS for Investment, Land Use and Industries. Christian Lionnet becomes the PS for Housing. Benjamin Choppy remains PS for Information, Communication and Technology.

Jones Belmont becomes the chief executive of the Planning Authority, and Patrick Lablache will be consultant for reclamation work.

The Ministry of Community Development and Youth will be called the Ministry of Community Development, Youth, Sports and Culture. Its Minister will be Vincent Meriton. Olsen Vidot will continue to be PS for Community Development, while Denis Rose now will be PS for Youth, Sports and Culture. The position of the chief executive officer of the National Sports Council will be taken by Alain Volcere.

The Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Transport will be headed by Joel Morgan, while Didier Dogley becomes the PS for Environment, Walter Talma remains PS for Natural Resources and Gerard Lafortune remains PS for Transport.

Minister Bernard Shamlaye remains responsible for the Ministry of Education. Jeanne Simeon remains PS for Education.

A new Ministry of Employment and Human Resources Development will be headed by Macsuzy Mondon, andh Jean Ragain will be PS. Also, Mondon will be the chairperson of the new Human Resources Development Council.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development will be formed to be headed by Marie-Pierre Lloyd. Anne Lafortune will be the PS for Social Development, Marie-Antoinette Alexis will be special adviser to the minister and Dr Jude Gedeon – PS for Health.

President Michel said that the restructuring is already under way, and that ministers have one month to work on it.

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