Seychelles re-enters SADC

Posted in International Organisations, International relations, Seychelles offshore jurisdiction at 9:50 pm by Robert Klien

The story of the relationships between the Seychelles and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has been previously discussed in details. The jurisdiction joined the organisation and quit it, then Seychelles decided to rejoin it. It should always be taken into consideration that the Seychelles is different from most member states of SADC not only geographically, but also economically. However, it decided that rejoining the organization will be beneficial for the Seychelles this time.

It should be reminded that the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs allocated a budget of USD 1.9 million for the preparations for Seychelles re-entry into SADC.

Finally, the Seychelles has been readmitted to SADC. All in all, SADC has 15 members now.

Zambian President and SADC Chairman Levy Mwanawasa said that leaders of the organization after their close-door discussion of the 2-day SADC summit decided that the Seychelles will be readmitted. The fact that the jurisdiction had brighter economic performance in the last 2 years positively affected the decision.

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