Files on Krejčíř stolen

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It has already been said that the Seychelles has prepared a bilateral extradition treaty with Czech Republic. This was particularly essential as Czech Republic needed the extradition of fugitive and alleged mob boss Radovan Krejčíř who fled his homeland and has lived in the Seychelles since 2006. His Seychellois citizenship, which he purportedly bought in 1996, troubled his extradition process, however, the bilateral extradition treaty could finally get the criminal given out.

Now the Krejčíř’s case seems to be complicated as far as last week his files were stolen from a car of an attorney working at the Supreme State Attorney’s Office. Until yesterday, the Supreme State Attorney’s Office seemed to keep the theft of the files secret. The stolen documents are not related to the penal cases in which Krejcir is involved, but they describe planned steps of the Czech judiciary to get Krejcir’s extradited.

Supreme State Attorney Renata Vesecka confirmed the loss of the files, however, she also stressed that this is not going to threaten the Czech Republic’s effort in the case of Krejčíř’s extradition.

The police is investigating whether someone particular could stand behind the theft of the documents as they were very significant for Krejčíř’s proceeds.

On May 17-24, the South African court is to decide whether Krejčíř will be released on bail or not.

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