SEnPA decentralizes services

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The Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (SEnPA) has opened offices in district administrations in various districts around Mahé in order to decentralize its services bringing them closer to the public.

This service started on April 2, 2007. It was initiated by SEnPA to improve the service offered to more than 800 businesses registered with this agency.

Maryse Berlouis, the managing director of SEnPA, commented decentralizing the following way: “Instead of sitting in an office waiting for business owners to come to us in Victoria, we can now go to them and offer our services since most of them are based and run from their own residences.”

The services provided by the agency include, but are not limited to, providing professional advice to existing and potential cottage industry businesses, providing information on facilities and support offered, assisting with queries on setting up cottage industry businesses, analyzing the businesses of entrepreneurs and developing ways of improving them.

The Small Enterprise Promotion Agency was established in August 2004 to promote and develop small enterprises, crafts and cottage industries in Seychelles. Its objectives are the promotion of small enterprises as well as development of crafts and cottage industries in collaboration with the Ministry, the implementation of the policy and strategies of the Seychellois Government related to crafts and cottage industries, the supervision of the construction and management of the infrastructure of micro enterprise centre projects, the identification of obstacles of sustainable development and proposing solutions regarding this, etc.

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