Outcomes of Chinese President’s visit to Seychelles

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The outcomes of Chinese President’s visit to Seychelles have already been discussed. It goes without saying that the outcomes were numerous, that in the course of time ever new result will become obvious, that the countries strengthened their political and economic ties, etc. However, what is discussed below is much more practical results. These are the agreements signed during the visit of the China’s President H.E. Mr Hu Jintao.

All in all, 5 new agreements were signed between the Seychelles and China during the visit of China’s President and his delegation.

At an event witnessed by President Hu and President Michel as well as their delegations, they were signed by Seychelles Minister for Industries, Investment and Technology, Jacquelin Dugasse and China’s Minister for Commerce, Bo Xilao.

According to President Michel, one of the agreements regards the construction of the National Assembly building and the other to the building of a new primary school at Au Cap identified by the Seychelles as a priority. One of the agreements is the one on the Bilateral Protection and Promotion of Investment aimed at providing a dynamic framework for the partnership of the Seychelles and China.

At Seychelles International Airport, Michel said that relationship between the 2 countries have stood the test of time.

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