Outcomes of Chinese President’s visit to Seychelles

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The outcomes of Chinese President’s visit to Seychelles have already been discussed. It goes without saying that the outcomes were numerous, that in the course of time ever new result will become obvious, that the countries strengthened their political and economic ties, etc. However, what is discussed below is much more practical results. These are the agreements signed during the visit of the China’s President H.E. Mr Hu Jintao.

All in all, 5 new agreements were signed between the Seychelles and China during the visit of China’s President and his delegation.

At an event witnessed by President Hu and President Michel as well as their delegations, they were signed by Seychelles Minister for Industries, Investment and Technology, Jacquelin Dugasse and China’s Minister for Commerce, Bo Xilao.

According to President Michel, one of the agreements regards the construction of the National Assembly building and the other to the building of a new primary school at Au Cap identified by the Seychelles as a priority. One of the agreements is the one on the Bilateral Protection and Promotion of Investment aimed at providing a dynamic framework for the partnership of the Seychelles and China.

At Seychelles International Airport, Michel said that relationship between the 2 countries have stood the test of time.


Seychelles in the process of preparing bilateral extradition treaty

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The Seychelles is preparing a bilateral extradition treaty with Czech Republic. If everything goes well, the treaty could be ratified and come into effect in approximately 6 months.

In accordance with the Check Justice Ministry, a new draft bilateral extradition treaty that has been signed between the Republic of Seychelles and Czech Republic could give the Czech government the legal powers necessary or finally extraditing fugitive and alleged mob boss Radovan Krejčíř home for trial.

On February 26, 2007, a Czech delegation returned home from a trip to the Seychelles where drafting an extradition treaty between the 2 countries was successfully completed.

Check Justice Ministry confirmed that the trip was a joint effort of the experts from the Republic of Seychelles and from Czech Republic, however no names, ranks and numbers of participants were disclosed. As a result of diplomatic negotiations, the draft was signed.

Krejčíř fled his homeland, Czech Republic, in 2005 while police were searching his Prague home. Later, he told the media that state attorney Jaroslav Dolejší had helped him to escape providing him with a passport. An investigation into the bungled police operation shelved in February 2006 had revealed no charges. Krejčíř is accused of numerous crimes; there is defrauding the government of nearly 3 billion Kč in customs fees and plotting the murder of a customs officer among them. He is also involved in another criminal investigation related to the 2002 kidnapping and disappearance of Lambert Krejčíř, his father.

Krejčíř has lived in the Seychelles since 2006. Efforts to bring Krejčíř to justice have been troubled by his Seychelles citizenship, which he purportedly bought in 1996. The bilateral extradition treaty could get the criminal to be extradited. However, this is not guaranteed as the draft contains the Seychelles’ right to refuse the extradition.


Seychelles opens Embassy in Rome

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In the end of February, the Embassy of Seychelles was opened in the capital of Italy, Rome.

At the Inauguration of Embassy of Seychelles in Rome, President James Alix Michel spoke of the opening as of “a moment of pride” and a significant historical event for the Seychelles.

It goes without saying that the Embassy is to reinforce the diplomatic relationship between the Seychelles and Italy. President Michel registered the inauguration of the new embassy as broadening the visibility of the country and maintaining its position in the international arena.

The contact details of the Embassy is as follows:

Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles
Via Rivarone n.66 – 00166
Tel.(+39 06)66 510 207
Fax (+39 06)66 514 293
e-mail: embassyrome@seyrep.com
Opening Hour: 09.00 – 12.00 / 14.00 – 17.00
Ambassador – Mr. Graziano Triboldi
1st Secretary of the Embassy – Miss Geraldine Saurer

The inauguration of the new embassy followed the 24th France-Africa Summit in Cannes, which was attended by the Heads of State of many countries, Seychelles includingly.


C&W will represent Seychelles at CTO

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At the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO), Seychelles will be represented by Cable and Wireless (C&W). However, other firms may also now join the body as partners.

This news follows a change in the CTO’s constitution as there are many Information Communication and Technology (ICT) firms within different Commonwealth countries. According to Seychelles Government and representatives of local ICT companies, this has been revealed following the visit of Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, the chief executive officer of the CTO, on February 19-23, 2007.

In accordance with Cable and Wireless, Spio-Garbrah’s visit enabled him to meet other ICT operators and promote CTO among them as well as to call on C&W to strengthen CTO’s relations with the company.

In Seychelles, C&W has recently been the only company offering ICT. Therefore, it will represent the country, however, represented Seychelles, but C&W’s representatives say that other ICT firms can now be involved in their own right within the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation.


Seychelles to reach 100% barrier of penetration rate

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June to September 2006, there was no change to the top 10 most penetrated markets in the Middle East & Africa.

The UAE are staying at the top of the table, continuing to lead from Bahrain, Israel and Kuwait.

At the end of Q3 2006, the Seychelles registered penetration rates for 99%. So, it has not overcome the 100% barrier, however, the result is very good as only the top 4 Middle East & Africa markets had exceed 100% penetration by the end of Q3 2006. Most of the countries in the Middle East & Africa region still had penetration rates of less than 25%.

It is expected that results for December 2006 will reveal that the Seychelles have overcome the 100% barrier.


Chinese & Seychelles presidents to promote pragmatic co-operation

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The 1st visit of Chinese Head of State to the Seychelles since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the 2 countries in July 1976 has already been announced previously. As to the outcomes of the visit, on February 10, 2007, China and Seychelles agreed to promote pragmatic co-operation in tourism, human resources, fishery and other areas.

As a result of official talks, Chinese President Hu Jintao and his Seychellois President James Michel agreed to promote the already good ties to a new level.

One of the key tasks of Chinese President’s visit was to implement the China’s commitments made in the Beijing summit of the Forum of China-Africa Cooperation in November 2006 as well as the consensus achieved between China and Seychelles.

Hu proposed to develop partnership between the countries and to increase exchanges between legislative, governmental and non-governmental departments in order to enhance mutual understanding and trust.

According to Hu, to promote economic ties, the Chinese government encourages the country’s enterprises to import more goods from Seychelles as well as to invest more in its infrastructure, telecommunication, hotel and entrepot trade, etc. The Chinese President also confirmed that China intends to go on providing economic assistance to Seychelles.

During the visit, China and Seychelles has signed 5 bilateral cooperation agreements regarding economic and technological cooperation, investment promotion and education.