Seychelles International Business Authority

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When it comes to Seychelles offshore services, the organization number 1 in Seychelles is undoubtedly the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) established in February 1995.

SIBA is an organization corporate with board members who are prominent participants of both government and the private sector.

The Seychelles International Business Authority is a body that both licenses and regulates primary offshore activities. This body represents the Registrar for International Business Companies (IBCs) and trusts and a regulator of International Trade Zone activities. With its dedicated professionals and carefully worked-out systems, the Authority can provide swift name approvals, incorporation and licensing, while spending minimal periods of time on bureaucracy. As a result, certificates of incorporation, for example, may be issued within just one hour. So, SIBA is one of the fastest Registrars all over the world.

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