Seychelles’ possible WTO accession workshop

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Seychelles’ possible accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has already been discussed. New information on this matter has recently emerged – stakeholders considering Seychelles’ possible accession to the WTO completed their 3rd consultation workshop.

With the assistance of experts from the WTO and other organizations, the participants of the workshop looked at various issues including whether accession would be beneficial, faced with possible demands such as the lowering of tariffs in fisheries.

One more question to be resolved was if the accession should be considered in parallel with Seychelles’ role in Common Market for East and Central Africa, Comesa, or separately.

At the opening of the 3rd workshop recently, the director general for the Trade Division, Charles Morin, said that it differed from the previous ones. It considered the findings of 4 independent consultants funded by the European Commission, and 3 of them were present in order to advise on the process of Seychelles accession.

When the Minister for Finance, Danny Faure, opened the WTO accession workshop at the end of October, he emphasized the need to be mindful of the experiences of other countries which either have joined or are planning to join the multilateral trading system. He also said accession to the WTO would have benefits if the Seychelles manages to harness them. At the workshop, the Minister saids that the process would require co-operation, vigorous interaction and exchange of information.

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