Chinese and Seychellois president hold talks

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On November 2, 2006, Chinese President Hu Jintao held talks with Seychellois President James Alix Michel in Beijing.

It has already been discussed that Michel is paying a state visit to China and is going to attend the Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation where Chinese representatives will announce a package of major assistance, investment and trade cooperation projects with Africa. It is also worth mentioning that China’s capital is ready for the Summit and already dressed up with traditional Chinese red lanterns and billboards featuring typical images of Africa and posters announcing “friendship, cooperation, development and peace” in English and French.

The leaders of both countries expressed their satisfaction about the development of bilateral relations and decided to deepen cooperation between the two states.

Diplomatic relations between China and Seychelles were established 30 years ago. Since then, friendly cooperation has been marked with smooth development, mutual understanding, fruitful cooperation and exchanges in many areas. At the meeting, Chinese President said that the China-Seychelles relation had become a successful instance of equal treatment and mutual assistance between big and small countries. Seychellois President, in his turn, thanked the  Chinese government and people for offering continual assistance to Seychelles.

Also, Hu said that the Chinese government would encourage enterprises to invest in Seychelles, and to expand exchanges and cooperation in the spheres of education, human resources, tourism and health. Michel reflected on China-Seychelles educational and cultural co-operation very positively and optimistically.

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