New Korean Ambassador accredited to Seychelles

Posted in Double Taxation Agreements, Seychelles offshore jurisdiction at 4:10 pm by Robert Klien

Mr Yum is the 7th ambassador of the Republic of Korea to be accredited to the Seychelles, who replaced Mr Lee Suk-jo having served as ambassador since November 2002. The Republic of Korea and Seychelles established formal diplomatic relations in June 1976.

While talking to the press after his accreditation visit, Mr Yum indicated the excellent state of the bilateral understanding between the Republic of Korea and Seychelles. As to economic ties between the Republic of Korea and Seychelles, Ambassador Yum suggested that both countries will aim at strengthening cooperation in the tourism industry and the processing industry in the nearest future.

During his tenure, the Ambassador is going to observe the expansion of ways for the Republic of Korea and Seychelles to initiate various exchanges, including that in the cultural sphere.

Ambassador Mr Yum has already paid a visit to Vice-President Joseph Belmont and is going to meet with government ministers and other representatives of the authorities before he leaves for Nairobi in Kenya, where he will be based. It is worth mentioning that this is the newly-formed government after July 28-30 Presidential Elections.

The Republic of Korea is not among the countries which have signed Double Taxation Treaties with the Seychelles, so this is just one more possible breeding ground for the mutually beneficial co-operation between the two countries.

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