Looking for Online Search of Seychelles Companies?

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This service can be obtained for free at the official website of the Republic of Seychelles. Unfortunately, the architecture of the web page does not provide a direct link to fully functional web page. Nevertheless, link can be quite easily found through the menu: go to http://www.virtualseychelles.sc/pages/vs_ie.htm, choose “business” in the upper menu and then use left menu “Company search”.

If this does not work, the following link can be used: http://www.virtualseychelles.sc/busi/busi_c_list.asp, however, it will not contain a menu, but just a Seychelles company search itself.

There you can either make search or try to find the company alphabetically. Through this company search you can get company director, address, mail, fax and phone number as well as its field and a short description of company’s business activities.

For instance, let us click “K”, then choose “KPMG Pool & Patel” and find the information on this audit firm. Or let us click “F”, choose “Fidelity Corporate Services (Seychelles) Ltd” and find the information on this SIBA licensed offshore service provider.

So, this is a very useful source, the only drawback is that the information does not provide the web sites of these companies. However, this problem is easily solved. For example, Fidelity’s e-mail indicated in company search is fidelity@seychellesoffshore … , so let us substitute the left part before “@” by “www.” , and what we get is the precise web address of this offshore company formation services provider (www.seychellesoffshore.com).

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