Seychelles Special Licence companies (CSL)

Posted in Seychelles CSL at 1:41 pm by Robert Klien

There are 2 main types of offshore companies you can incorporate in the Seychelles – IBC (International Business Company) and CSL (Company Special Licence). Today let’s have a look at a less popular one – CSL introduced just 2 years ago. The Special Licence Company is an attractive vehicle because it is able to bypass international blacklisting. In contrast to Seychelles IBC company which is zero tax company, the CSL is low tax company. Seychelles Special Licence Company causes less suspicion and scrutinity and a growing number of double tax treaties open broad prospective for tax planning activities.

The Seychelles Companies (Special Licence) Act was enacted along with the Corporate Service Providers Act and the Protected Cell Companies Act in December 2003. In accordance with the act, a CSL (special licence) is to be issued to a Seychelles domestic company incorporated under the Companies Act 1972, subject to the provisions of the Companies (Special Licence) Act 2003.

Accordingly, the CSL is a domestic company, and its requirements are modified by provisions of the CSL Act, under which it is issued. Under special licence the CSL benefits from some shielding from public scrutiny, and at the same time it is fully transparent to the authorities, and benefits from various fiscal concessions.

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