Seychelles IBC registration procedure, restrictions and IBC name

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Registration procedure:

Memorandum of Incorporation is filed at the Registry. The Articles of Association are filed either at the same time or within 30 days of incorporation.


Seychelles IBC cannot trade or own real estate in the Seychelles, it cannot undertake the business of banking, insurance, reinsurance, assurance, fund management, asset management (other than the company’s own assets) or any other activity related to the banking and insurance industries, it cannot provide registered office facilities in the Seychelles as well at it cannot sell its shares to the public.

IBC name:

There is a very wide choice of suffixes to use for Seychelles IBC. These are Limited or Ltd., Incorporated or Inc., Corporation or Corp., Société Anonyme or S.A. Other suffixes as GmbH, BV and SARL may also be used.
Seychelles IBC name restrictions are as follows: There must be nothing identical or similar to a company that has already been incorporated, nothing that suggests some patronage of the Seychelles or any other government, insurance, there must be no royal, imperial or other name that may suggest company’s intention to undertake a licensable or undesirable activity.

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